Thursday, February 3, 2011

Something to look foreward to-finally!

Even though I still don't have a full time job...

And even though my truck needs a new Tranny.....

And even though my horse is as fuzzy as a wooley mammoth.....

And even though I have sold almost all of my 'good' tack......

I am going to go to the Gold N Grand Show in Elk Grove at the end of March!

I just said F--- It! I'm going!
(Actually Lil Mama convinced me to choose that show)

Last year I rode and practiced
and rode and practiced
and gave up stuff and gave up stuff and gave up more stuff....

And I might have to give up even MORE stuff...

I am going to stick Desi in the trailer
Spiff up my saddle
Borrow a nice headstall,
count up all of my nickles and dimes and pennies

And just go