Monday, December 28, 2009

Am I there yet?

I'm not suppose to begin the new job until Jan 1, 2010- BUT- of course there is a lot to be done before that date rolls around,
And it will roll around all too soon I'm afraid.
I spent the whole day Saturday going over the property with the current tenants. Super nice guy!

Most of the conversation went like this...

Me: What is this?How does this work?Where does this go?What do I do about this?


Me: Oh good, you have a (insert item here).
Him: Nope- that's going with me.


Me: Is that working? (pointing to various items of equipment)
Him: Nope, but it could be repaired.


At this point there will be no hay,shavings or feed truck,gas or diesel, manure managing system,working tractor, drags, sump pump,utility trailer,garbage service,weed trimmers or any other type of equipment.

There will be :

78 hungry and thirsty horses
70 or so discombubulated and anxious horse owners
3 disgruntled partners and their attendant lawyers and realtors
2 anxious stall cleaners
2 anxious tenants (Living on site)
1 giant hog
1 large goat
1 flock of ducks

and me.