Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A brief, but much needed ,mental vacation

As Monty Python says- Now for something really different.

I know you saw pictures of Lil Mama riding the Big Red Planet on her blog the other day. But I thought I'd show you some of the pic's from when she was a girl... a really little girl!

This is Lil Mama with Lil Bit!. This was a pretty cute pony. Lil Mama was about 5 years old here. We kept this pony a little while, but he was a Lil Bit to handle, so we sold him to an older child.

( Sorry Hunny- but this is MY blog and I will do what I want! Besides you were soooo cute!)

Lil Mama is in the middle on our good mare Somebody's Streak AKA- China Cat. This was 1989 and she was born in 1978- so Lil Mama was 11 years old, and already a veteran of horse showing. The rest of these girls, with the exception of maybe the girl on the painthorse, had never shown before. This was my 4-H project group and they all were good riders.

Here are both my girls- proof that Mimi actually rode the horses and ENJOYED it! Lil Mama was about 10 years old, Mimi about three or four. This mare was the BEST mare I ever owned!
Her registered name was Somebody's Streak. She was bred in Utah, sent to Texas as a yearling and then shipped to California where I bought her as a long yearling. She was line bred Cutter Bill, and cowy. I bought her as my reining prospect and even paid for the Snaffle Bit Futurity entry- then I got pregnant with Mimi. So she never went, and neither did I. But the mare was well bred and quiet (mostly), so she became the kids lesson horse and my trail horse. Never a mean bone in her body, but she was quick and you had to hang on. I kept her until until I had to have her put down. She was 25. She carried flags, went miles on the trails, carried 4-H kids around the ring, took parades in stride and never shirked her job. She was what I call an honest mare.
Lil Mama learned to ride her,and in that one photo she was about eight, she was competing with all adults in a Western Pleasure class because there were no classes for kids. She lapped the whole arena a couple of times at a high lope in the loping part of the class, but she navigated the course and was bitten by the bug.
Now of course she goes sssslllloooowwww! But this is where she began!
Love ya sweetie!

The icing on the cake!

The lawyers said I could be allowed to come back!
IF- under oral agreement only- I agreed to buy all the insurances needed for three weeks until the barn is closed-
Pay for them myself-
retain the services of a Payroll company to pay the workers
perhaps, but not absolutely- they MAY reimburse me for my expenses after the ranch is sold- for the 2.5 MILLION dollers they expect to get from it!

Need I tell you all what I said to that preposterous consideration?