Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Writers in Virginia City

I was gone this weekend to Virginia City Nevada. I was lucky enough to attend a writers conference sponsored by the Nevada branch of the SCBWI and it was an amazing group of people gathered there to talk about writing and to mentor and critique. Just some names- Ellen Hopkins ( CRANK,GLASS,BURNED, IDENTICAL,IMPULSE) Suzanne Morgan Williams ( BULLRIDER)
Susan Hart Lindquist ( WANDER,SUMMER SOLDIERS,WALKING THE RIM) Yuyi Morales (JUST A MINUTE, HARVESTING HOPE,LITTLE NIGHT, LOS GATOS BLACK ON HALLOWEEN) and about ten others. My head was just spinning and jammed full of information by the time I left that group on Sunday afternoon. 
Virginia City is a fantastic place to visit no matter what you are doing. You can see ghosts, wild horses, bikers, families, famous people and not so famous people. The Bucket of Blood Saloon has a killer view of the 6 mile canyon, and the Delta Queen is still on the wall -glittering with ancient silver dollars . And as a writer or a photographer or an artist- if you aren't inspired there you never will be! 
I am inspired! I chose the conference instead of a horse show- and though I am sorry to miss the show, I came home with renewed vigor to finish the novel I'm working on and then to sell it! 
So with revision notes in hand, and a strong pot of coffee on the stove- I am going to endeavor to do that.