Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Major Holidays

The Littlest Cowboy spent the weekend with me.

We started talking about Holidays and Birthdays because he just had his 5th Birthday and I just had my ... er.. well.. I just had a Birthday too.

He tells me, " The 4th of July is over,Grandma. "
I say " Yep, but there are some other Holidays coming up."
" I know," he says.
" Do you know what they are?" I ask.
"Yep. There is Deer Season, Halloween,Thanksgiving and then Christmas!"


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Comments on Camels

Who knew there would be a website for buying and selling Camels?

It is

It is like Dreamhorse- 'cept it's Camels.

After browsing the website for awhile, I sent it on over to Lil Mama.

Blew. Her. Mind.

I started thinking about what you need to know about Camels. I mean, I know all kinds of stuff about buying and selling horses. What to say in your ad...what not to say. What to look for in a horse and what not to look for.

Seems like some things are the same. Such as ~
1. You DON'T want a Camel that kicks.
2. You DO want a camel that can already 'kush' which is camel handler talk for kneel.
3. You DON'T want a spitty Camel.
4. You DO want one that likes to be with people.

This site even has Camel Tutorials! I suppose there is a Clinton Anderson of the Camel World out there somewhere.

We ( and this is we as in Lil Mama and I- not the Royal WE ), have determined that what we need is a
'packer'. Which in the horse world is a horse that is dead broke and will 'pack' a greenhorn around without trying to kill them. But the dilemma now is- how do you find a packer camel? Aren't all camels built to be packers?
God protects children and greenhorns, I always say. In my mind that accounts for all the people who own horses and yet shouldn't.

I don't think Lil Mama wants to be one of the people that shouldn't- although the very idea of owning a camel is a 'shouldn't' idea if ever I heard one.

Boy camel or girl camel? Did you know you geld camels? I guess I should have figured that one out- but for some reason camels remained generic!

Just like horses- no bull camels.

The possibilities and responsibilities of Camel owning are becoming sharper in my mind now~

More on this topic later...

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sunday Stills- Red for Fun

Just for fun!

Baby Daisy

Grand old Flag

Red Farmall

Captain America
The 4th is my favorite holiday. So easy to capture something Red~ Happy Birthday to America ( and to me too!)

Life Lessons

When you hear the words ' Life Lessons' what immediately comes to mind?

While I was thinking about this blog, I kept repeating the words. And at first nothing really popped into my mind.

What is a Life Lesson?

I mean besides the obvious choices of learning to walk, talk and poop in a commode.

My Younger Daughter just moved out into her first very own apartment.

 I have been thinking of those words a lot. I've even used them in a sentence a time or two. Such as when she flippantly told me  $50.00 a month was all she would need for food. I thought," She needs to learn some life lessons."
 Or that PG &E was only going to cost her $15.00 a month, I thought, "Those first Life Lessons are a bitch."
What  I mean is, " Life is a Bitch and sometimes you have to learn things the hard way."  We have all had those kinds of lessons, usually after leaving our own Mother's 'nest' as a young fledgling. Some do it sooner, ( I was 17) and some do it later,( she is nearly 30).
YD has already learned some very important Life Lessons-and she has grown tremendously from learning them. Plus, she isn't repeating the same mistakes twice! Let me say too, that I am so very proud of her!

But I was forgetting something. I was forgetting that Life doesn't really care how old you are. Life is gonna teach you lessons when ever the Hell it wants to!

I've been learning some Life Lessons too.

1. Mothers always miss their children, no matter how old they are when they leave.
2.Children have no concept of how much Mothers miss their children until they have children of their own to miss.
3.You have to remember not to be a Mother.( Which sounds easy- but in reality is really, really hard to do!)

With Life flinging Lessons around here Willy Nilly, you'd think that I'd be super smart by now! I'm not. I know now that I have many, MANY more lessons to learn. But I was correct about one thing- Life is a Bitch and sometimes you just gotta learn the Hard Way.