Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dora the Explorer and Me

We( The Martinez Horsemen's Association)  had our Crab Feed on Saturday. It was a lot of work, but it was a sucessful event! I'll put up pictures later.
On Sat morning my wonderful crew met at the hall to put it all together. I had John and his guys cooking 'gravey' ( the italian word for red sauce) and garlic bread, melting butter, and setting up the crab tins.
I had Karen and another crew putting up the tables and decorations, Bill and Keith putting out signs and getting ice and Me- I was doing the last minute running around and getting the other stuff we had forgotten.

Now remember that I am getting older and I do forget stuff.

But not this time!

Seems like my two and a half year old grandson and I have the same affliction- age. He's very young and has the attention span of a knat- I am old and have the memory of a knat.
I found myself starting up my car and chanting- cheese,lemons,bread,ice cream. Cheese butter, bread ice cream.  Just like Dora the Explorer does in her cartoon show!
Since Jr and I watch a little tv in the afternoon I get to know what he likes. Dora is one of his favorites. She has a MAP, and it shows where she has to go to acheive and solve the days 'problem'. She makes a little chant out of the sequence!
I did it too! and you know what? It worked! I didn't forget a thing!
Thanks Dora!
Now if you could teach me how to add!