Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Horse people are awesome!

Of course you all know I am Chairing a Benefit for Allison Angove- the 16 year old who fell with her horse five weeks ago. She is still in a coma, but there have been eye flutters, hand squeezes smiles and tears from Allison. She has been moved to Oakland and is going to move to Saratoga- a children's ward- very soon. What you probably don't know is the power of a few people with a whole lot of love to give. is a fantastic website, set up to assist family members and friends keep up with someone in the hospital- so you don't have to just keep calling an already stressed parent or spouse. It is free- relying on donations from the people that use the site to maintain itself. Right now, Allison's page is getting over 1000 hits a day from all over the WORLD! It seems that someone told someone, and they told two people- and they told two people... etc...
As we all know the horse world is a small one indeed! Many of theses people are horsemen, that don't know Allison or her family, but feel moved to pray for her or just send her their good wishes. Allison's Mom reads them to her every day.

The Contra Costa Times did a front page, below the fold, article on Allison in todays paper, featuring the Benefit that the Martinez Horsemen's Association is giving on Saturday. I had phone calls from strangers offering donations in her name since 8 Am this morning. 
People from my new barn know Allison- she stabled there a few years ago- and they are coming up to me offering help, money, trailering for others- anything to help her. It sure does make me just kinda well up! (sniff**)
I am overcome by the love just pouring in from you blogger too! Trainwreck sent three fantastic original prints with the Certification papers for our Raffle ! Thanks TrainWreck! You are a peach! Add to the other donations, we have Gift Baskets, spur straps,horse tack... the list goes on! 
So if I don't blog tomorrow or Friday or Sat- don't despair! I am SUPER BUSY getting this whole thing in the air! I'll get back with the good results on Sunday!