Sunday, January 5, 2014

Me and Mick Jagger

It was a brilliant sun shiny day today, so I went out to ride Rem. As I slung the saddle up onto his back, I winced in pain. My left shoulder gets a cramp sometimes, but I pushed through it and cinched up.
" Uh!" I thought, " Someday I won't be able to get this  saddle up on his back! Then what on Earth am I gonna do?" I remembered a woman here in the Bay Area rode until she was nearly 100, and I wondered how she managed to saddle her own horse. I live by the adage, " Saddle your own horse," so it's something I decided I might need to find out.
I put it out of my mind, hoping that it would be a long way off.
As I stepped into the stirrup, I had to take an extra 'bounce' before getting the momentum to lift myself aboard. I took some small amount of satisfaction in the knowledge that quite a few of my compatriots use a step, knowing that too soon I may be among their number.

When I got home, I made a sandwich and turned on Palladium channel. They were playing 'Shine a Light', and there he was, singing and dancing like a 30 year old. Mick F'ing Jagger.

He's not a big guy, but boy he rules the stage. He wears tight pants. He shows his midriff. He sings and runs up and down. He exudes sex, and the women, most appearing to be in their 20's, were screaming and dancing and trying to get him to notice them.

I watch and think, " SIR Mick is 70.Sir Mick has a 16 year old daughter. Sir Mick is a Great Grandfather. "

In the immortal words of the insurance commercial, " Amazeballs!"

Sir Mick has twenty years on me!
Does he get up in the morning and say," Oh, my legs hurt!"
Does he say, " Oh, I just don't feel like dancing in front of thirty thousand people today."
Has he remained the biggest Rock Star in the Universe by sitting still and growing old?


My admiration knows no bounds.

 Sir Mick, if you can get up in the morning and go to work, so can I.
Thank You Sir!