Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oh Lord! Now What?

Yesterday was a real stressful and scary day!

It started out well enough.

We upgraded Tripps to this humongous crate. It takes up half of the kitchen!

Which meant that Lola was upgraded to Tripps other crate- the one he arrived in. It takes up one quarter of the other half of the kitchen.

Hubby and I had breakfast and then went out to the trailer parking lot and I learned how to back this thing up!

It is a lot harder than it seems! But Hubby is a retired UPS driver, retired after 30 years, and he can back this thing up the side of a building if necessary- so he was teaching me how.

Have any of you ever had your Hubby try to teach you anything?

I hear a collective groan out there!


It was going well, I was getting the hang of it, no one had said anything they would be ashamed of later and I felt pretty proud of myself!

I drove the trailer around town, then parked the trailer, and returned home.

We had a bill to pay, so we let the dogs out of their crates into our enclosed back yard.

No problem- they have been out there a few hours before this.

When I got home an hour later, I noticed Tripps was acting 'funny'. He was jumpy and couldn't walk right. He stumbled up the stairs and didn't seem to see me.
This was the doggie that was climbing on the table the very day before.

"Quick, we gotta take him to the vet!"

I figured it was something he had eaten, it seemed like poisioning to me- but I didn't wait to check my yard, I just threw the pup into the truck and we took off for the vet. They then sent us to the Emergency room Vet.
On the way Tripps was - well- tripping! Badly! He was hallucinating and climbing the truck walls.


They took him immediatly into the back where they started IV fluids and a whole bunch of other stuff. I could hear him yelping and crying behind the closed doors.
The vet told me later that he was tripping and they had only touched him, he was so scared he began to scream!
They had to keep him overnight.

It was like leaving one of my children!

When I got home, I went into the yard to discover that Tripps had found a bag of Snail bait that I didn't even know I had!

Luckily the little Boston, Lola didn't get into it!

I cleaned like a whirling dervish, using the shop vac and getting every single bit of bait. Evidently the Bait is sweet and once a dog tastes it, they will actually look for it! I nailed the shed up too!
So today Tripps came home. He is tired and hungry, but they were able to flush the toxins from his body and he should have no lingering effects.
Lesson learned! Check all of your shed, cabinets, under decks and garage shelves for any kind of bait, or toxic materials. You never know what your dogs might find!