Thursday, June 17, 2010

OMG! The funniest thing on TV

I want to start out saying that I have a lot of gay friends. I love a good ( and sometimes bad)gay. I DO live in California, after all, and within spittin' distance from beautiful San Francisco, a gay mecca.

So when I first heard about The Fabulous Beekman Boys I went " SNAP! That looks like a dumb show."

And ya know what, it is! But in a really good way!

These two 'boys' have come from different places, neither of them have probably ever even seen an animal before except maybe the New York Zoo. But they have left their old lives behind them and embarked upon living the life of Country Farmers in upstate New York.

Hilarity ensues!

Brent is an ex Martha Stewart executive. Can you say OCD? Everything has to be perfect, from the tractor buckets lining up at the end of the day, to a very clean piglet in the barn.

Josh was a DQ- and I don't mean Dressage Queen! No, a real life Drag Queen and with the name of Aqua -something, and her claim to fame was that she had fake globes where her boobs were suppose to be and in those globes were live fish.

I can't make this stuff up people!

Josh could actually be my bestest friend. I used to have a gay BFF, but he went jumped the train straight into crazy town and now we don't speak. Well actually I speak at him, but nothing I can write about here. It's just too naughty to say...'nother story.


They freely admit that everything they know about farming they learned from the internet! But they do have a man on the farm they call Farmer John ( really that is his name.) Farmer John raises goats and the boys make goat soap and goat cheese and goat milk and raise veggies and sell all of it on their farm. Farmer JOhn loves his goats to the point of tears-literally. Ever seen a Bear cry? (FYI: Bears are big gay guys that don't really look 'gay', but kinda big and rough and huggable.)

The name Beekman is the historic name of the farm and is also now their 'brand' label.
If you can get the Green channel or Planet Green drop in on the Beekman boys and just let their fabulousness wash over you.
I wanted to include a clip, but the embedding is disabled- so do yourselves a favor and google them on You Tube,(Model walk is my favorite!).

It is the funniest half hour on TV right now. I' kid' you not!

Puppy pictures

I took Tripps to the vet today for his check up. He is perfect, of course! The vet said so and I believe her.

Tripps has gained two pounds in five days. No wonder- he eats 4 cups of food per day! And he eats every scrap!

He and Lola are getting to be good buddies. They tussle and roll and fight, and Tripps holds his own, barking fiercely at Lola, who is relentless in her play biting. She will finally back off when he gets serious!

It won't be long before Tripps is much bigger than Lola. Lola weighs about 15-16 pounds right now and not going to get much bigger at 9 months. Tripps should top out at 160-170.
So I'll try to keep you updated on the pictures, I know he is going to grow so fast I won't remember how little and cute he was!