Monday, September 21, 2009

It wasn't as bad as I thought it was gonna be!

Kinda like a cross between Prom and Name That Tune- only the tunes were people. 
First person I saw was a girl that I really liked while in school, but she disappeared after graduation and everyone said she was dead! She wasn't! She lives nearby so we can get together for coffee and catch up!

 Here is the picture of that. Martha is in the middle, I have the long blond(ish) hair and does my face look like a pumpkin?

The Bizznatch of the whole class was there too- she's gone Hollywood and I mean that literally. Wearing a tight red dress and high CFM pumps, her tits proceeded her into the room. Had her usual remora school around her, licking bits from her lips. We didn't speak~ what could some like that say that would interest me- the Cowgirl? 

Best story of the night~ saw a girl named Deb, she's a twin but her sister didn't come. Saw a guy named Mike - his 'twin brother didn't come either. I asked the usual questions- Where are you living! What are you doing? She says she's a gemologist ( diamonds girls!) and lives in Nebraska. Cool that. 
I ask Mike what he does, where does he live- he says he's a meteorologist in Nebraska. 
NO Foolin! I say- did you know Deb lives in Nebraska too- what are the chances of that? He laughs- they got married right out of high school, and live there together! I didn't even know they were dating! They have been together 35 years! 

My girlfriend Janet is just a peach for making me go! I had a great time, but I don't know if I'd want to do it again in five years...

BTW what is your favorite High School reunion movie? Mine is Gross Pointe Blank.