Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What about me?

Well, I was so blown away by Karen's great show series that I totally forgot to tell you my story! What there is of it anyway!. My goal at the beginning of the year was to place in the top 5 in my division. I like to set small goals for myself, keeping a bigger goal in front of me- some times I make the bigger goal, but at least achieving the smaller ones gives me encouragement along the way. I always figure that if I go into the arena with the horses ears in front of me- I'm way ahead of the game if I come out of the arena with those ears still in front! For the final show I had really practiced hard, putting my horse up into a bit-using the tradional methods of the Vaquero- and I must say Desi is coming long very well. But I didn't trust him, so I put him back into the snaffle for the classes. I can't say he was really bad- but he wasn't very good the first day either. He wrung is tail, shook his head and basically told me to fuck off in horsey talk. My girl friends sat on the sidelines and just watched in horror as we left the class. They could all tell how bad he'd been. So I schooled a bit, and went in for my second class. We did a little better- at least he didn't wring his tail, or rear- but we had too many faults and didn't place. The second day was hot- sweltering and windy- like being inside a blast furnace. Just the weather I like for making good ponies! Des was great; supple,listening and willing. Beautiful. The pattern was a difficult, but I studied it, and drew it in the dirt and talked it out- yaya... all the normal stuff you should do to remember. Er... that is if your not menopausal! Sheesh! I got through the first three obstacles perfectly- with plus'es I'm sure! And then right in the middle of the fourth obstacle- I turned left and not right! I forgot the pattern- had a total blank in my minds eye! Heesuscrist! Then I just lost all focus and ticked another pole-but it didn't matter, I DQ'ed that class anyway.
So the trainers all say- put a bad ride behind you. Move on! I beat myself up for about ten minutes, and went into the next class- We were great! No ticks or touches, until the last obstacle. He was suppose to stop between the poles, do a 180 and step over the pole to exit. He actually put his foot over the stop pole and then pulled it back! ERK! Three point! Enough to put us out of the placings in a class of thirty horses.
So the last day we caught a break- the heat had abated to a mild 80 degrees. The horse was still willing and listening. We entered the arena and did a great job- touched one trot over pole and bumped the gate slightly. Eh, is that enough to put us out of the placings? I don't know! And the worse part is I won't know for at least a month! The gal that puts the scores on the website is at the Select Show! So as of Sat night I was in sixth place overall- that is the total for all 8 shows ( not including Sunday)in a class of twenty to thirty horses .
If I placed high enough I may still place 5th- and acheive my goal for this year. If not- well I came pretty damn close- and that's okay too. I've learned a lot- had a hell of a good time and met some super people along the way!
And you know what? There is always next year!


Ok- though it has been a mild summer- now that August is nearly over- the heat has reappeared. Yesterday it was nearly 100 and likely to be so again today! It's 8 Am- and I am off to ride- and it's already 80 degrees. At least it's a 'dry heat'. At least it's not humid. Kack! Hot is hot! At least I can bathe my pony when I'm done riding.
I don't hate the heat- eau contraire- I like it. At least I like it better than the cold and the wet. I hate riding in the cold sleeety rain we get around here. And I know it's coming. It makes me wonder if the winter is going to be mild ( like last year) or wet ( like the year before) . In any case- I'll don my uniform (jeans and tank for summer, jeans and turtleneck for winter.) and head to the place I like best- the Barn.