Sunday, December 5, 2010

OOooo Girl! I'm like a kid in a candy store!

I am an HGTV fanatic- I freely admit it. Not that it shows around the old homestead much, but I love ecclectic things and use them in my not so elegant home.

I finally have a wee little job- working at an auction house in Alameda. It happens to be full of ...
ecclectic stuff!

Actually there are two sites and the auctions usually happen once a month. I worked in the Gallery on Wed and Thursday. That is the high end stuff. Today I worked in the Annex- a lot more low end. In fact it was a lot like a flea market only the stuff is up for auction on Tuesday. My O-ficcial title- Preview Staff. It's kinda like being Vanna with out the letters.

I walk around the BIG Metal Building all day with my auction catalog and just circle the stuff that I would like to have. Some of it is not so 'wantable', but some of it is!
EXAMPLE:  two piece Oak Sideboard with carved detail and a huge mirror. Needs a little love- the starting bid will be about $5.00. Of course it won't go for that- but you can see where I am going with this- everything appears to be affordable!
Lots of tools, books, records, coats, dishes,ornaments paintings, photos... well everthing except the one thing I couldn't resist- tack.

Wait a minute! I take that back! In the Gallery they have a Visalia Parade Saddle made in the late 20s with loads of silver. The saddle was left in the shed when it's owner died ( it looks like it was there since 1939), Kinda rough, but still- a VISALIA!  That one should fetch about $3000 even in its rough condition.

So wish me luck in my newest endevor. It will look good on my resume no matter what happens.
And if I can keep my hand from going up to bid, things will be even better.

I'll just have to keep repeating, "Those ponies still have to be fed..."