Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ancestors- we love 'em.

I have several cousins across the United States, ( that I know of) but none save one shares my enthusiasm for my ancestry.
He and I are cousins on my fathers side, our Dads were brothers. Unfortunately his Dad has passed, mine is still with me. We were 'chatting' about our common ancestors the other day, and as usual it struck me what a strange and wonderful chain of events put me here on Earth.

I collect stories; mine as well as other peoples. Sometimes I make stories up. But I could never make up the stories that I know about my families past. I know that we came from Ireland before the Revolutionary War, from Prussia which predated Russia, from Canada, even from some obscure countries I never even heard from. What I don't know is more fascinating yet.  And I will never know...but I am grateful to them just the same.

I am thankful for my ancestors. The very first one that stood up straighter than the others, carried her young to another part of Africa and began the migration that sent my people up into the Continent, through Asia and Prussia and Ireland and England. The Brave Souls that looked to the distance and thought " I have to go there" and then did- for what ever reason they gave. More food, more land, more horses, better water, freer religion, less rules, less people, more people, more opportunities, Through famine and feast and flood and drought, each one procreating and procreating and moving and wanting more.

I  am thankful that you suffered and survived, that you prospered and created more generations. Thankful that you yearned and tried and succeeded. I only hope that I have done the same.

If you are thankful, you might want to check out this website . It will blow your mind!