Thursday, December 9, 2010

In this Episode Vaquerogirl shows remarkable restraint and dicipline.

BUT IT WAS SO DIFFICULT! This a picture of the inside of the warehouse where I worked last week. It is only a fraction of the amount of stuff lined out in this airplane hanger that was for sale. Everything was sold within two days.

The round item in the forground was a mirror, the round object in the back was a huge four foot across Chinese Charger and stand. You can hardly see the end of this room! Over 1700 items were sold in two days.

These are over six feet, made of sheet metal and tin, painted white. They wern't as heavey as they looked, but they weren't light. They went for $800 for the pair.

This Oak Victorian cabinet needed a little love. Nuthin a little polish and some wax in the right places wouldn't fix. I wanted it to replace my 1950's china hutch, but the bid went to $250. My proxy bid was only $100. I'm not allowed to bid in real time, only by proxy. So I'll have to wait for the next one.
The weathervane I really liked went for 350.00. It was old and primitive looking. That picture didn't want to load for some reason!

So this is what I am doing now- digging and looking and thinking how to fit pieces into my already cluttered home! 
Some of this stuff went for killer prices- $15 for two 16 foot ladders!
$1.00 for a modern oil painting, but the frame was to die for!
More next month!


As a different side of Vaquerogirl I have to give you some good news!
I have sold an article!
Actually this particular article has been very good to me, I have sold the reprint rights several times after the initial publication in 1989. Most recently it was Chicken Soup for the Pre-Teen-aged Soul. The name of the article is " A Run to Remember'.
A Texas Institue bought reprint rights to put in into their STARR testing booklets. It should be there for ten years! How about that - ten years of Texan children reading about a Californina girl on her ugly horse beating the odds to win a big prize and much needed self esteem.
Funny- I have relatives in Texas, and some of them have children. I often thought I should have been born there myself- I am much more like them than my own family.
So pick up Chicken Soup for the Pre- Teen aged Soul and look up my story and tell me what you think. Or just wait about three years and your kids will bring it home in their schoolwork.
In any case I am still happy that I was asked to participate- and I get paid for doing it!
Take heart my girls out there writing! This could happen to you too!
And if you actually do look up the story ,e-mail be back, I still have pictures of that horse and of me. I'll post a few.
Really ugly! But beautiful now!