Sunday, June 12, 2011

This and That

Just catching up on a few loose ends. I wanted to post a few pictures of things I find cute or interesting.

Tripps sleeps with his paw over his nose. He's really a goof. He weighs about 150 lbs right now and still growing!

Lil Mama's first Jewlery Party at my house.( Thats me in the mirror:) She is doing well and having a fun time selling this really nice jewlery. And she's so pretty too!

These are just a few of the horses that I am considering in my quest to find another Show Horse. I relly like this top gelding, and they have been showing him in the classes I want to compete in- a bonus. I haven't seen him in person, he is way down in San Diego and I'll have to fly there to see him. Still have to sell Desi though, so nothing is settled.

This pretty little mare ( yes I know, I don't want a mare) is closer- just an hours drive. I like her graceful neck and feminine face, but I'm not digging the angle of her fetlocks. She might just be set up wrong for the picture, which also might account for the downhill slope of her back. Her hooves look like different people have shod her- but if I like her enough I'll have my farrier evaluate her, then my vet. I do like those golden horses...

I liked Darryl too. This is my friend KBG up. Darryl is only two, and this was maybe his fifth ride. He tolerated it, and Lil Mama, the trainer and me, all on a windy and cold and awful day. He's in the top three too. I know he will grow into himself, but he is already almost 15.2HH- so I'll have to really like him for me to buy him. Us short old ladies can't throw our heavy Western saddles up that high!
And of course my best boy! He actually wanted to sit up on Desi the other day, and he didn't want to ride Bob with his Momma!  He did like trying to crack the whip though- typical!
He will be three in a few days!