Thursday, March 22, 2012

To Pin or not to Pin- What a silly question!

I know you all do it.
I tried to resist.
Really ~ I did try.
But as Lil Mama says, " It lured me."

I am a Pinner. And a Re-Pinner.

And I'm not sorry about it, even a tiddly bit.

Pinterest is the number one growing social media webpage right now.

And we all know why.

Because we know that everyone else has more and better ideas than we do!
And we want them.

So far on Pinterest I have learned how to kill weeds organically. (Vinegar)
And ...
How to use all of these vintage photos it seems I must have (viewed from inside an old mason jar or hung from a vintage pants hanger)

How to make a small affordable seedling greenhouse( sheet plastic and an old wire sheving unit)

How to grade my yard and lay stones for a winding path. (A pickaxe and a level)

 How to frost a cute cupcake...

ARGH! And that is the pain and the beauty of Pinterest~ There is no end to the really interesting and cool stuff you can find there- the whole of the world laid out on ONE PAGE  on your computer, in the privacy of your web kingdom.
 It's nuts actually.
Between Google and Pinterest I am sure that soon I will rule the world.
If you haven't tried it yet ask for an invitation, I'll gladly send one to you...

But  don't say I didn't warn you!