Saturday, February 14, 2009

To all of you Craig's listers out there-

Opinions are my own and no bearing what-so ever on anything.

To the person(a term I use loosely) that has raised your 27 year old horse all her life and now is trying to foist the euthanasia issue off on someone else- I hope you rot in hell. Your mare looks sweet and in fact you the picture you posted shows a nice kind eye- she trusts you and the disabled child riding her to take care of her. SO DO it already! NO excuses! Man Up and do the RIGHT thing. Oh you'll agonize and weep a lot-SO WHAT! Life is hard but it doesn't have to be harder than what you make of it. Teach that child some responsibility and use your mares death as a life affirming lesson. You don't get many of those in a lifetime- let that be your loyal mare's last gift to you.  The same goes for all of you with old horses that aren't 'quite sound' enough to ride, and you can't afford to feed them. (I'll bet you still stop at STARBUCKS everyday for that expensive coffee). FER GAWD SAKE GROW A SET!

To the Lister that wants to sell their perfectly serviceable QH>Tennessee Walker>what-ever- Put the DAMN PICTURE up Straight! Don't make me crane my head sideways to see your poorly lit and grainy picture. If you can't get the photo up right- and one that actually shows your horses conformation- ask your five year old nephew to do it! I'm sure he could manage it much better than you did. I can only assume that you don't really want to sell your family pet and this is just some exercise in futility. STOP IT!

To the Lister that swears this is a Royally Bred horse- REALLY? DO you even know what that term means? Just because you name of some top name cutting /reining/ roping horse and then dilute it with 'dam unregistered but very sweet', don't for a minute think that someone else is as stupid as you. Reminds me of my mother in law who used to judge everyone and then say,     " but she's very clean." Sheesh! 

And last but certainly not least- to all you Listers that think that Craig's list is a good place to market your $20,000. horse. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Did you know that Dreamhorse is much better at that sort of thing? You might actually get HORSEMEN looking to buy if you post on that site and if you don't have the $10.00 to post a picture for 90 days- borrow it from your trainer!