Friday, February 25, 2011

Please say it ain't so!

I read in yesterdays San Francisco Chronicle ( so it MUST be true) that bloggers were giving up blogging in favor of Face book. The control group (whoever that was) said that the FB is easier to connect to with their friends, they can download more pictures directly from their phones and get comments in real time.

I say Ha.

I suppose that those ex-bloggers are just too busy and hip to stick with the blog form of communication. They want to upload or download pictures directly from their phones to FB... oooo- better watch that one...
Pic's of drunken tom-foolery? No chance to think about it or sober up- oh no! Just post them pictures baby! The rest of us are waiting here at our keyboards just a waitin'. and BTW so is your boss, and your mother and maybe your great aunt... FB ain't just for kiddies anymore!

Perhaps a written form of communitcation that has more than 143 characters will be just too much for their puny little electronic gadget filled brain to comprehend.Perhaps they never learned to type on a full sized key board. They may never have picked up a No. 2 pencil except in math class( and who knows even then!)

As they say- WhatEVER! I blog as much for my own satisfaction as for yours. I hope you do the same. If you aren't passionate about what you write, then why bother? FYI I am passionate about growing out my horses tail, the size of my dog, the lunacy of others and the current weather situation.
I am concerned about teen aged pregnency, oil prices and unrest in the Middle east- but not enough to write about them. Let other passionate people do that. There are a butt load of them out there trying.

I find your everyday trials and tribulations endlessly facinating. I love to look at other peoples travel and kid photographs, and I always have. You need advice- well I have plenty, and no one around here wants to take it- I will give it freely to you! I want to see the weather in Alaska and then in Arizona. I want to know who visits your blog and why. I like to lurk on occasion-so sue me!
All and all I am not ready to give up on the blog. I am however about to give up on FB.It reminds me of being back in high school and going to a great big frat school party. There are all the 'cool kids' spouting their own personal wisdoms. There are the brainyiacs quoteing obscure verse to remind everyone that they are cerebreal. There are the jocks and the rah rahs, the geeks showing up occasionally and changing their pictures to something real weird. They can poke you, or kiss you and you can't get away.  But do  you really need to see this guys 'junk' and this girls pantie shots? Do I really care enough to be here in the middle of all this babble?
It's like this- I really didn't enjoy High School all that much either. It cut into my riding or working time, just like FB.
So my little prediction is that we will eventually graduate from FB and into the newest big thing ( what ever fresh hell that will be). I'll stay on- I'm too nosey not to want to lurk occasionally. And I do keep in touch with my finally found relatives in Texas and Florida: (LOVE you guys!)
And to you stick with it, die hard bloggers- Thank you! Keep blogging. It aint over until the fat lady sings and I haven't even begun warming up!