Thursday, February 2, 2012

One coming, and one going

I brought Remmy home yesterday. He was really pretty good, considering that he's just a baby and there is so much to look at!
When I lunged him, he still wanted to fling himself backwards going clockwise. So I re -worked the chain configuration then let him go, and voila! No punkiness! It took me a while ( longer than it should have) for me to 'get' that the halter and chain pulled on his left side, that was the side with the broken teeth. It was probably sore still! (DUH!)
I fussed with him for about an hour, letting him run around at liberty, putting a rope all over him, pulling him this way and that way, hanging on his neck. He was great. The barking dog kinda made him nervous, but he'll get used to it. Tying him to the cross ties made him restless- like a baby wanting a passifier. He stomped and fidgeted. As soon as he stood still I was able to untie him and put him away. The barn owner says he's the tidiest little guy she's ever had.
So all in all ~a good first day.
I have also found a good home for Slick. A thirteen year old girl who has been riding all of her short life. The barn owner there was watching them work the horse today, and reported that she is loving and hugging and wanting that black and white pony a lot. So tomorrow I will go and meet her and her grandparents( who are old friends of mine) and Slick will belong to her. I'll try to get a few pictures to post.

Isn't it always the way- feast or famine? Good things happen if you just trust in the Universe!