Monday, April 29, 2013


Wow! What a jam packed and fun filled weekend it was!
Show grounds

Long Walk to the Show arena from the barn.

First show of 2013 and Remington's 2nd show ever. It was an event in itself just getting there, but after the horse and trailer was hauled, my RV was hauled and I was hauled- we arrived.
The weather couldn't have been more perfect. Warm and just a slight breeze- enough to cool you off, but hot enough to make you sweat.
The Show started off slowly. It didn't seem at first like there were a lot of exhibitors there on Friday- but the show lasted until 8:30 PM! It was a long and grueling day.
Timing is always off on the first day of a show, and especially the first day of the first show of the year. I didn't actually put my show clothes on and head to the arena until about 3PM. I had been busy all afternoon mentoring the New Kid and the Young'en.
The New Kid

The New Kid has a beautiful Bay Gelding called Scooter. This is her first show, but not his. He actually has Trail points.
The Young'en

The Young'en has shown before, but this is the first show with this mare- Annabelle.
Annabelle is a natural Trail horse, but she still needs some work to get her skills up. The Young'en is just that- and for the most part she was well behaved. But towards the end of the show, her age was beginning to show. Can you say 'melt-down?
Anyway- I went down to the ring, expecting about twenty riders to be ahead of me and an hour wait. I got there and the ring manager says " Ok. Five minutes."
My trainer wasn't with me, and neither were my Show buddies.
"Well, Ok." I flipped my chaps down, took the wrap off of Rems gorgeous fake tail, walked him in a circle and went in cold. No warm up!
Remington had his head up and was looking- which is what I expected. But he held it together and never offered to shy, bolt, buck, snort, fart or run off. He did want to crank his head UP to look to see what was on the top of that tent~ I expected it and tried to correct for it, and we made it around the pen in good order- scoring a 62.5 for the afternoon. I was happy. He did exactly as I had hoped. And in my book, that is a good day.
The Young'en disqualified (DQ) for letting go of the rope gate. This was one of the skills that she needed to work on. Unfortunately, she had only ridden Annabell two days in the last few months- being a kid and going to school full time and all. And that is fine- but she totally had a pouting fit and blamed it all on Annabelle. I kept my cool and tried to remind her that DQ isn't a bad thing, it just shows where she needs to work... blah blah blah... it all fell on semi deaf ears.
The New Kid learned her pattern, recited it chapter and verse and then DQ'd by forgetting a piece of it. Whoopsie! I told her to color code the pattern... But she was undaunted and has gotten the Trail Bug. She wants to do it more!
End of day, a little wine- some conversation and then un-consciousness. Up early for Saturday.

Offered to walk pattern with New Kid and Young'en. They came down and I even let Young'en ride Rem around the practice pen. Showed her how to do the gate.
Saturday afternoon I did have to wait about an hour. But once we got into the arena all my nervous jitters went away, we concentrated on our task and finished.
The New Kid got a 51, The Young'en was DQ'd at the gate and I actually...

...PLACED 5th in the class! WOW!!!!

Last day- got up super early. Dressed in my Show clothes and was in and out of the Trail pen by 10 AM. Rem was really great, guiding easily, stopping and backing on cue and only tic'ing a few poles. I won't know my final score for that day for two weeks, until it is posted on the website.
I am beyond thrilled that Rem is doing so well!
I get to bring him home on Saturday, and we will be able to practice the trial obstacles a few days a week instead of a few days a month.
And The New Kid and The Young'en? Total meltdowns.

I'm glad I'm not the trainer, but I will do my best to help them get better and keep their cool for the next show ( it's only four weeks away!)
Trainer Jacqueline Allen Burke on Tiare The New Kid's two year old Paint mare. They won third place this day.