Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Not all Halloweens are bad...some are funny!

Egads! Another post about Hell-O Ween from Vaquero girl! Can you stand it? OK how about a funny story?
When the OD was about eight she wanted to go trick or treating with her friend Jaqi. She just thought she was so cool in her new Halloween outfit, and she wanted Jaqi's mother and me to 'follow behind' them. 
"OK," we said. 
We went down our long dark street, trick or treating all the houses, until we got to the end, turned the corner and were met with a street that had no street lights- yep they had been 'shot' out. Damn it was DARK! 
The next house was completely dark too, except for a pair of tiny blue lights- like Jawa eyes peering from the big picture window.

 They moved...slowly...back and forth...back and forth! 

Jaqi and OD gulped, lifted their skirts and crept forward. 
Something moaned from inside the house...whoooo....

Squished orange pumpkins and bagged leaves littered the dark yard as the girls tiptoed forward...


The porch light only flickered...whooo...whooooo...

The girls reached the front porch, hair practically standing on end...

They knocked...silence. They knocked louder...

The door flew open and a dark figure jumped out...''Whoooo!!"

Two little girls went flying off the porch, yelling for their momma's...tripped over the pumpkins and spilt all their candy! 

After reaching the safety of the maternal arms, they turned to look back- the blue eyes were still moving but the moans had stopped..
Did they want to go back, pick up their candy?
No Way!!
Did Mom laugh so hard her sides hurt- Yes WAY!