Saturday, December 27, 2008

I've been scrapped!

 Heidi over at   Heidiwriter's Weblog has scrapped me! Oh that sounds painful doesn't it? Fear not! I can handle it! I've been scrapped before- or perhaps I have been doing the scrapping. On the other hand- Scrap is good! It is creative! I make stuff out of scrap all'a time! 
So I have to give you all ten 'scraps' of honest info about me. BORING! But I'll do it anyway- y'all need a nap right about now I'm sure. 
Oh and I have to scrap some other folks too! So look out I may scrap you! Check out the end of the blog to see who I've picked. 

Scrap 1. I hate to cook. Yup- I know all you dollys out there LUUUUVVE it, but I have a fierce wish to turn my stove into a planter. 

Scrap 2. I've been buying trading and selling horses since I was about ten. Some of them my parents knew about, some they didn't. But that was in a time where people would deal with a confident ten year old and not ask, " Where is your Mother?" 

Scrap 3.  I've never been out of the country. Yes that is Country not county. Not Mexico-not Canada, not even Hawaii which is still technically in the USA, but since you have to fly over water to get there  I count it. 

Scrap 4. Before I had a drivers license, I had a black and white pony and cart that I drove EVERYWHERE!. And remember this is the East Bay, just East of San Francisco- people gawked! Even then....

Scrap 5. My first real job besides babysitting or riding horses was at a Gas Station and I was the window washer. Self explanatory I'm sure. I was 14 and made $1.50 an hour. 

Scrap 6. When I was five I rode my Shetlands with a string wrapped around their bottom jaws because I had read about it in a book. ( Where is your mother?")And I didn't ever ride in an arena- it was the wide open spaces....

Scrap 7. I have had horses rear and fall on me three times. (and of those times I was hurt twice).

Scrap 8. My greatest aspiration ( as of today anyway) is to ride Bay Desperado (Desi) in the AQHA Select show.Someday. Soon.

Scrap 9. I read about three books a week. 

Scrap 10. I listen to the Grateful Dead all of the time. Aiko Aiko is my favorite song, followed closely by Sugar Magnolia.

So there you have it! Fascinated? I'll bet! 
And now... I am going to Honestly Scrap ....
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Great Blogs all! Now its your turn to spill!