Sunday, March 7, 2010

Not that bad.

Well, the babies are fine and healthy. Up and wobbling around their little pen. I'll take some pictures as the day gets brighter.
Mare is going to be fine too. She's a older mare- about 20 or so. Not around any stallions, not been bred, not even close.
Just a general mastitis.
Yup. General mastitis. One side only.
Hot pack and antibiotics, and some kind of weird stuff you have to place inside the teat holes, both sides, of the infected nipple. ( Did you know that horses have two holes, and cows have four- per teat?)
Mare is much better today!

Me not so much.
Looks like my job at the Ranch has come to a crashing end. I still can't talk about it, I get so angry! But I will tomorrow.
And you will be shocked! Shocked I tell you!