Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Stills- Barns

I received a beautiful new camera for Christmas and so now I am in the process of learning how it functions. It is the same make as my last camera, but of course this one has a lot more bells and whistles. Sheesh~ It's like my phone- smarter than I am! So if the photos look too over processed or grainy it is because I am still in the process of learning how it should be set.

These were some of yesterdays Photo Adventures.

 There is a lot of 'wild land' around the San Francisco Bay area. But though the land will support cattle or horses, most of the barns have been pulled down.What few historic and photogenic barns are left are off of the main highways and byways.  The challenge for Sunday Stills required some amount of driving and some degree of stealth and a long telephoto lens. Here in California you are likely to be shot at if you trespass on private property!

Rusty lock
This little barn was one that is on private property, but the road goes completely through the property, dividing it into two pieces. I remember there had been a larger barn once upon a time, right behind this one, but it was rubble now.
Small barn

Large Red Barn
This barn is just off the same road, but owned by a different family. I've always liked the way this barn has been sided, the planks set on a diagonal. 
Brick Yard Barn
There was once a Brick Factory on the Straits of of the Carquinez. This is all that is left of that operation. The East Bay Regional Parks have taken over the land, and may have some plan for this old barn. For now it is abandoned at the end of a long and winding road. 

I did manage to get some better shots of the Straits~ but I'll post those on a different day.