Monday, October 24, 2011

When is a Clinic not a clinic?

Answer...When it is given by not only a wonderful horsewoman but a personal friend!
Jacqueline Allen Burke , owner of Superior Quarter Horses in Clements Ca, came to the Dolittle Ranch in Loma Rica and gave a few of us 'show-girls' a real informative and hands on riding clinic. We didn't just do ONE thing- we did EVERYTHING!

Darryl and his new best friend Roxxy.
Remember the gelding I posted here named Darryl? Well, a friend of mine bought him for herself and she brought him to this clinic. Boy he's grown and gotten a whole lot redder. But the best thing - he is perfect for her!
Ms Jaq riding Ms Mel's dun filly

We started the morning on Saturday with English Hunter- Quarter Horse style. She had those gals posting and posting. I remember now why I don't ride English!
Sheesh! What a lot of work!

Then we went to Western Pleasure. This is where I got to ride TC. He is soooo smooth to ride, even as a growing colt. And cute! Man o'man! Jaq worked on our leg positions, our hand positions, working the corners of the arena, how to position yourself on the rail to optimum advantage, when to school and when not to school. More info in that hour than in any other clinic I've ever been to. Makes a cowgirl hungry!
 So we had to have some fantastic pulled pork sandwiches for lunch.
One thing about the Dolittle Ranch~ the chow is unbeatable!

After lunch, Trail, and Horsemanship- finishing up the afternoon with Cocktail Showmanship.(Which is way more fun than regular showmanship!)
The nice thing was, you could ride any of the segments or just one or two. Of course you learned a lot by even watching and listening. I used some of the Showmanship info on Slick today!

I feel particularly lucky because Jaq brought The Colt- the little QH stud I'm trying like hell to buy- and I got to ride him a lot of the day. He was especially good at Trail even though he has never been anywhere before, was surrounded by mares and  was asked to pay attention ALL DAY!

Jaqueline and TC ( The Colt)
Aside: I thought I had Desi sold, but the young girl backed out. My frustration level at people right now is at the top end.  I'm sure Jaq feels the same way about me trying to purchase TC. 

Desi waiting his turn
Ms Linda in the Cabana
 Any how- after the riding portion of Saturday was over, we retired to The Cabana for Cocktails and Hamburgers...

...then to the fantastically relaxing hot tub! (Sorry no flash photography there! EEGADS!)  The stars were close and bright, the October weather was balmy and the company was more than excellent!
Krissy on her new horse Xena.

The next morning we got up and saddled, warmed up with Jaq coaching and then Big K ran some BIG calves into the arena to work. Desi got a little snorty at first, but then he figured out what I wanted and he started getting under himself and turning when they turned. If I could work him on cattle more frequently, I'd bet he'd be great at sorting. Too bad the nearest sorting is once a month, on a Sunday, in the evening, about 100 miles away!
Big K has just bought a big grey gelding to work cows on. He was freshly gelded, and is only two- but he was sure cute! Did the Trail obstacles, and really went to work on those calves! I like him bunches!
Big K's new Colt (freshly gelded) Shasta. 

Remember Darryl? Here he is!

Jaq and TC. Looks like he's smiling doesn't it?
A beautiful morning in Loma Rica. 


Jaq was great, and Deniserita and Big K are the most gracious host you could imagine!
We can safely say that a good time was had by everyone!
Thanks D and K!