Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You may be right- I may be crazy

I have not sold Desi yet. What with the horse market so bad, and the EHV virus hitting just as I posted his ad, well,I had only one person come out to ride him, and he was definitely too much horse for her. A few other called, but he was too much horse for them too. They were all over fifty and beginning riders.

People- when the ads say gentle but needs a confident rider that can lead- please take the owners at their words!

What you all want to see in an ad are the words ' bomb proof; Husband safe, super quiet, and Old.'! Those are the horses you should go to look at and choose to call upon.

And is there anything more exciting, dangerous and terrifying than riding a horse that is for sale?
 You don't know these people, but you have to trust that their tack is clean and in good repair, that their horse is as they say, gentle, rideable, no vices, sweet.

You have to concentrate on not falling off, on proper mounting skills, dismounting skills, keeping your hands low, or high, not pulling too hard, or pulling not hard enough. Keeping away from any obstacles in their arena so you don't injure yourself or others, all the while trying to calculate if this is a good buy and  how can you get a better deal.

Do you have the money in your account? and how much will an unfamiliar vet cost? Not to mention that you have to speak nicely so they will let you ride their little horsie- no matter if he pins his ears and flashes a few pearly whites your way. Avoid the sharp ends and try to keep in the middle of a saddle that doesn't fit you in an arena that is too muddy, or dusty or dark. Then pretend to listen to their trainer try to tell you how to ride, listen to your friends tell you ' You look good up there!"

Then you evaluate him from the ground. Are his feet good, and can you keep from getting stomped upon. Are his back legs full of scars, or will he kick you to the moon when you run your very benign hand over his hocks? Can you tie him up, or will he fling himself backwards? Can you run your hands all over his body, his face and belly, fending off questions from the owner meant to sway you or distract you from that bog spavin.
And if you like him, do you LOVE him? Do you need to love him? Can he do his job- the job you want him to do? Do you have the time to devote to bonding over this particular horse?

Sheesh- no wonder its a difficult decision! There are so many variables. That is why I usually buy babies and start them myself. That way no one has messed them up too badly. I install the buttons, and I install the mistakes.  Sometimes I can't install them- but that is a different blog.

And so I have not even gone to look at any horses for sale. I still have one to sell first.
And here is the crazy part- WHAT? You thought THAT was the crazy part? Huh!
The Crazy part is that I am going to another show. Yep- the Spring Summer Gold N Grand. Back to the scene of my most memorablyhorrible show of all time. Only this time it is going to be hot, not rainy. I like hot.
HOT makes quiet horses.
I haven't ridden as much as I should have to get ready for this show, and I can admit toyou , and you only, that I am a little bit nervous about showing Desi. It isn't cheap, and he has all the potential to be a Ass7%&*!
But this is the way I figgure it- I can re do the awful show and make it right- in my head and heart and ride Desi like I stole him with no cares.
Or I can hide and cry and say I'm never going to show this horse again, it's not worth it, it's too much money, blah blah...friggin blah,
So I'm goin;. Lil Mama is going too.
All I want is a decent ride. A quiet ride. A quiet horse. Anything else is cake.

Luck anyone? I need it!