Sunday, March 14, 2010

March Madness

NO NOT Basketball! I am not a fan of watching sports on TV- unless it is Rodeo and even that I would much rather see in person.
NO, I am talking about the madness that comes over me once the weather seems to clear, and the birds start flying around my backyard looking for food. The kind of madness that overtakes me when I drive by the nursery and see the 'pots o color' they have on display. The crazy thinking that since the sun is out- I need to be out in the garden planting flowers and bushes and things that smell good! THAT kind of madness!
I call it madness because I know it is still kinda wet to plant anything. And I am probably going to lose half of what ever goes into the ground due to rot. But darn it- those ' Pot's O Color' just look so appealing!
And today the sun is out.
And today I am going to get my head out of the blue crazy funk I've been in all week.
And today I am going to give in to the madness!
I am going to....dare I say it?
Today I am going to PLANT!