Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thank you Teachers!

Today I am thankful for Teachers! Those learned souls that endevor to teach others ANY thing!
Now that could strech to every one of you! You teach your kids to say "Please' and  'Thank you'. You teach them right from wrong, how to play and how to love.

Maybe you teach in a different kind of way- maybe you are a leader. You might be  responsible for a crew, a class, a posse or a team.   You are honest and brave and caring and tough. You teach by example.

Perhaps your method of teaching requires to to reach deep into a persons soul. You draw out the memories, help sort them into managable heaps to be examined at will. Or perhaps you teach by helping someone to  heal them self.

But I am especially thankful for those of you who actually proudly put the word TEACHER next to the line on any form that requires 'Occupation'. Those of you who I consider to be on the front lines of our society. You are asked to do much with very little. You are asked to do all of the above, but not to get too attached. You are asked to socialize our little darlings when we will not or can not. You are expected to bide by a strict set of rules- and woe to you if you cannot. You are disrespected and underpaid, overworked and ill used by the very people you are trying to teach!

But if I were to ask- I'll bet you would say it is rewarding to see someone 'get it'. That the smiles on the faces of those eager students makes the long hours and hard work totally worth it. I'll bet you wouldn't want to do anything else.

So if you can read this blog- I'll bet you are Thankful too!