Tuesday, March 22, 2011

About the clipping and the mane thing...

I clip Desi's mane for two reasons. First-  his mane is dense and thick, it does not lay prettily on his neck, which has a tendency to be a little thick around his throatlatch anyway.

Second- He rubs it off in the middle of his neck- always, No matter what I do. He will get down on his knees to reach under the fence for a tiny tidbit of grass and rub his mane off. Or he will stick his head through the pipe panels and rub it off. It looks awful!

And D- I'm lazy. It is easier and most efficient to buzz it, it looks great makes his neck look more graceful and no one really even notices.

I usually wear just a tank top and a long sleeve sweatshirt to clip. Then when I come in the back door I strip it all off into the machine to wash all that hair away. Of course it is into the shower for me too. But it always seems like I have a few cribbets of hairs stuck somewhere in the corner of my eye or lashes. Still- I do like the way he looks with a roached mane!

I think everyone should do it too!

A Milestone.

Hey everyone, I just looked at my stats and discovered that I have posted my opinion 300 times!


Actually those that know me are right now shaking their heads and saying something like : Only three hundred opinions... Sheesh.. who put a muzzle on HER!?"

Thanks to any and all followers. You have become like BFFs to me- except we don't go out drinking or to the movies together. And I have never picked one of you up at the bus station nor have we drunk dialed each other. And I don't know the color of many of your living rooms or kitchens.

BUT- I know your innermost thoughts and fears- rejoice in your triumphs and cry over your failures.

So there is still some learning to do and opinions left to give....

I hope to be with you for at least 300 more!