Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summ- summ- summertime!

Isn't this the cutest picture? Of course I am a little bit prejudiced, after all I think that TLC is the cutest BOy in the World, ( sorry Sweet Potato Queens everywhere- but it is true!)
And the puppy is a cutie pie too- that is Penny Pincher - Denesirita, Un-Paid Ranch Slaves 'child'.
This image conjures up a lot of summer time thoughts; lying in the grass, having the time to play with your dog, knowing that the pool is waiting for you when you most need it. Smiling with the complete joy of being happy and warm and well fed and loved more than anything.

Summer is suppose to be a time of laziness, where time slows to a crawl, allowing you the opportunity to enjoy and savor simple things like this.
Some of my favorite summer things-
A red ripe sweet watermelon with the seeds still in. Spitting those seeds as far as you can and laughing about who can spit those slippery buggers the furthest.
Waking up to the smell of dew dampening freshly mown grass-weather it is a huge alfalfa field, or a tiny plot of city lawn.
White sheer curtains riffling into your room on a slight warm breeze.
The hot sweet smell of berries and sugar melting into the jam pots on the stove.
The steady fall of hooves along a shady trail.
Laughter of children in a cool pool on a hot day.

And so summer begins, and soon it will end- but I invite you to share your favorite summer things with me, here, while it lasts.


Maia said...

Yes, they are too cute. Seriously cute. I hope Lil Mama is practicing her, "No TLC does not want to talk to you, you teenaged hussy, so stop calling," because in a few short years, they will be.

Summer things, hmm:

Sitting on the beach reading trashy novels.
Lieing on my back watching shooting stars.
On a hot day, swimming my horse in a cool river. Haven't done it years, but boy was it fun.
The taste of BLT's made with home grown tomatoes.

Ah the list is endless

Denisarita said...

I'm with Maia, but pool instead of beach. I haven't been swimming with a horse in years either, but the pond out back is looking pretty good. I just picked a batch of tomatos and checking for bacon for lunch. AHHH, and the ever present lawn mowing about to happen in 3 2 1 GO!