Sunday, July 18, 2010

This and that around the homestead.

Isn't this a cute chair! It is terrible lighting in the photo, but it WAS a cell phone cam after all. The chair is a pea green, and the stitching is brown. I just had to have it, but I didn't have the money for it. SO my wonderful daughter Mimi bought it for me for my birthday present! Wasn't that just the sweetest thing!
It is a comfy chair and I just love it!

Ginny and I went to a horse show on Saturday. She found out that she won High Point in her class for the Spring Series.
The house in the background is a century old mansion that is in disrepair at Historic Nelson Ranch. It is said to be haunted! Bob didn't find it too scary though. He posed prettily for the picture!

This is the prize she won!

Here is the latest picture of Captain Tripps in my garden. He is actually on the hillside overlooking the flowers, and he knows he is not allowed to go where the flowers are growing- but he is looking all around- stealthy like- to make sure I don't see him.
AHA! I cry, and he scampers back up the hill to where it is safe to play!
He is about 40 pounds now. That means that he has grown from 21 pounds on June 6th, to 40 pounds on July 15. He has also grown about 5 inches!

And last but certainly not least- my sweetheart of a hubby has purchased a truck and a fifth wheel trailer for me, ( and him too, of course).

Here is the outside and a shot of the inside too. There is a slide out in the front room and the bedroom, this pic was taken with the slide-out- in!

The truck is a 98 Dodge dually,3500 with incredibly low miles! Hubby will drive that as I already drive a Chevy half ton which I love. But for horse shows and vacations, I get to drive the Big Truck!

Thank you Honey! This has been the best birthday ever!!


Vaquerogirl said...

Hey! I just noticed in the picture with Lil Mama and BOB- a glowing orb of light under his belly! You don't think... could it be...???
Ah...well maybe it is a friendly spirit!

Maia said...

Well that's what I understand those things to be. How cool, it obviously was pleased with Lil Mama, or it wouldn't have shown itself.

What a birthday! Your hubby is one in a million. Oh yes, don't you love it when animals do something they know they're not supposed to do. Captain Tripps is adorable.

Mikey said...

Happy Birthday! That is one awesome camper! Yay for the Hi Point too! *applause, applause*

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Happy Birthday. Great presents. ;)

NICE camper! Hope you guys really get to enjoy it soon and often. :)

LOL-I have to do the same thing with Mighty Mouse (the pony). I let him out to wander and eat weeds and as soon as I turn my back, he is at the hay stack. All I have to do is hollar at him and he looks so surprised, like "How did I get here" and hustles away.

Stephanie said...

Hey nice camper I really like it!! And yes - happy late birthday!!

crystal.cattle said...

That chair is fantastic. Such a great find. Your daughter looks great up there on her horse.