Sunday, July 11, 2010

All roads lead ( or should) to Loma Rica

Friday was my birthday. I'm not gonna tell you how old ( or young) I really am, but just say I remember black and white TV, Crusader Rabbit Cartoons and actually watched the moon landing on TV.
Friday was also the day we were traveling up to Loma Rica in northern California for the annual Slip and Slide Party. The girls, Mimi and Lil Mama picked up the puppies and took them all up to the Dolittle Ranch- owned and operated by Denisarita and the Stud Spud.
And if that wasn't enough, they cemented the titles of Best Daughters in the World by carrying up a cake and candles to Denisirita's Ranch ( a 2 hour drive and hotter than the hinges of hell today, I can tell you), then surprised me with the whole shebang when I rolled in about 9 PM. I almost wept- it was so sweet!

Saturday was the Annual Slip and Slide party. Oh Friends, if you haven't ever been to a slip and slide party, you might want to start one of your own. But Deniserita and The Stud Spud put on the very best party- and this year, in addition to the Slip and Slide- they had a mechanical Bull!
In homage to Crazy M Buckers we kept putting the horns on one up and one down, but they were flying off in every direction. I guess riding that thing is harder than it looks! Go to Deniseritas blog to see some other pictures.

TLC had a great time, there were so many children to play with. Here is a video of his first trip down the slip and slide.

Here is Mimi riding the mechanical bull! She stuck !
This is our horse show friend KBG- She did great too!

Now as I said before, I am as old as can be - so I DID NOT ride the mechanical bull!

I took the pictures, held down one shady spot after another and lived to tell the tale!

BIG KISSES to Deniserita and the STud Spud for planning and executing the perfect summer party!


Maia said...

OMG such a good time was had by one and all, I'm jealous. Hey girlfriend, I'm older than you and I'm only 42. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. So if I'm 42, you must be 38. That's not so old. We who remember black and white tv,well what can I say, Perhaps we're a national treasure.

Denisarita said...

Thanks to the BEST girlfriend in the world! We couldn't do this party without you, Lil Mama, and KBG. Can't wait to see Tripps at next years party...

Lil Mama said...

Hey, That's not TLC on the slip n slide. It's Mrs. J riding the bull.

Vaquerogirl said...

That is Doris ( of Boris and Doris) riding the bull, but the second video is TLC and Lil Mama going down the slip and slide.
The blog does weird things to the order of the comments sometimes