Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The perfect horse !

This ad was on Craigs list this morning. Now you know how I feel about people selling horses on Craigs list, but this is a new one on me!

"I am looking for my dream horse. I am looking for a black gelding or stallion with white sock and a white blaze. I am willing to pay for the right horse but not an outragious price. Prefer young and does not have to be broke. If you think you might have what I am looking please feel free to email! "

    This seems like a relatively intelligent person, minor spelling errors, mostly correct punctuation.

    But REALLY?

    Advertising for a horse ( stallion! WTF!) because of his COLOR!!!

    That is what makes a perfect horse in this yahoo's teeny mind!

    Either she, ( ya know it is a she don't ya?) is a youngster, or/and is confident in her ability to train ANY such Dream Horse' she finds, or she just don't care. My vote goes towards the latter.

    I wonder if she knows that Breyer has a DreamHorse for just about anyone?

    Hey! I wonder if this would work for men?

    " Looking for my perfect man, must have brown hair and brown eyes."

    This guy is a lot different than say...

    This guy.....

    or this guy.....

    or this guy....

    or this guy~

    Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but choosing a horse by color is like choosing a house because you like a house with shutters.

    Unfortunately a lot of people I have tried to help buy a horse start out with the same request- and I paraphrase...
    "I want a insert favorite color here."

    I could go on, but I won't.

    Good luck Little Miss I Want A Black Stallion!

    You are going to need it.


    Nuzzling Muzzles said...

    Some breeders have made a lot of money playing into the color mentality. It seems that those breeders who specifically sell multi-colored horses, palominos, and black horses can sell anything to anyone. It seems that whenever I see an amateur rider selling a horse they claim is crazy or needs an advanced rider, it's a very pretty horse, which I suspect was bought for its color. I'm guilty of making the horse's personality my top priority, when I know I really should be looking at training and what type of discipline I'm interested in participating in. There's so much more we should pay attention to, such as teeth, conformation, hooves, health, temperament, history, vices...

    gtyyup said...

    LMAO...great rant...I'm with ya sista!

    Laughing Orca Ranch said...

    Ummmm...just so you know, that second to the last guy might have brown eyes....but he doesn't have brown hair......in fact, he ain't got no hair at all! lol!

    Now wouldn't that be interesting, a bald stallion wearing white socks. hmmm.


    I crack myself up.

    For my first horse, I just asked for beginner safe and as bombproof as possible.Unfortunately I got suckered by a dishonest horse dealer and my eyes did get a bit glossed over by my first horse's lovely black and white tobiano colors.

    Such a painful lesson to learn....both physically, emotionally and financially.
    My new mare Apache sure makes up for my previous mistake, though.

    Sure hope that person knows what they're in for. Real live black stallions aren't like those we read about in books as little girls.


    Anonymous said...

    IS VERY GOOD..............................

    BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

    Perhaps they are looking for something that requires relatively matching horses, such as a drill team?

    Have you ever noticed that the horses used by the Queens/Flag carriers at the NFR are all black, with most having a white blaze? They use white polo wraps to make their legs match.

    I've always wondered if those are horses owned by various people who donate their use to the NFR or if they are all owned by the same person specifically for the NFR?

    Vaquerogirl said...

    BEC- Good point! I don't know about the NFR, but the black and white horses of Cotton Rosser's company here in California are bred to be what they are. He sells a few of the ones he won't use at auction almost every year.