Thursday, June 17, 2010

Puppy pictures

I took Tripps to the vet today for his check up. He is perfect, of course! The vet said so and I believe her.

Tripps has gained two pounds in five days. No wonder- he eats 4 cups of food per day! And he eats every scrap!

He and Lola are getting to be good buddies. They tussle and roll and fight, and Tripps holds his own, barking fiercely at Lola, who is relentless in her play biting. She will finally back off when he gets serious!

It won't be long before Tripps is much bigger than Lola. Lola weighs about 15-16 pounds right now and not going to get much bigger at 9 months. Tripps should top out at 160-170.
So I'll try to keep you updated on the pictures, I know he is going to grow so fast I won't remember how little and cute he was!


The Wife said...

Too cute! They do grow fast. It's hard for me to remember Diesel ever small.

Stephanie said...

WAY cute! I love them!

gtyyup said...

Oh, my...they grow all too fast! They are both sooooo cute!

Denisarita said...

Me thinks he is gonna be a BIG boy! I can't wait to meet him!