Saturday, June 26, 2010

Camping- sort of...

Lil Mama, The Hunter and LC,along with the rest of the Port-a-gee clan went for a weekend camping trip at Collins Lake. They said Mimi and I could come along so we did. We took Lola with us so my Hubby wouldn't be overwhelmed with two puppies at home.

Collins Lake is really a very nice man made lake, and since one of Lil Mama's friends had a boat, we had a good time. Mimi tried wake boarding ( which is like snowboarding except in the water). She never made it to her feet. So she went 'tubing' in which you tie a inner-tube to the back of the boat and go like crazy around the lake until the passengers on the tube go flying off ( and wiping out). Fun for everyone!
But the campground has a lot to be desired. Not only is it the weekend before 4th of July, it was a full moon and the campground was packed! We were stacked up like cordwood. It was not peaceful. Someone nearby was having a family fight, someone else brought the whole garage band and played non stop for five hours. They sounded good, but five hours! And none of the little kids ( of which there were MANY), would go to sleep as long as the music was playing so loudly.
When they finally stopped- at 10:30 PM, the 'camp' still was a rockin' until 2 AM. Needless to say I got very little sleep. It felt a lot like Deadwood around there, people fighting, cursing, fires everywhere, people swimming in the dark... well you get the picture.
This was Lola's first foray into the world of men. She has never seen a lake before, so of course Mimi taught her to swim.

It was pretty funny. By the end of the afternoon she was swimming like a pro!
She was such a good little dogie too, never barking at other people or dogs. The only time she got nervous was when we locked ourselves into the tent and tried to sleep. She couldn't see anything, only hear all the crazy noise, and she was going to do her best to protect or warn us from anything outside. Good little girl. She finally settled down,( about 2 when everyone else passed out) burrowed into the sleeping bag and went to sleep.

Ya know I didn't feel too bad when I got up at 5 AM to take my walk and feed the dog - and all of their dogs set out a' howlin!

Revenge is sweet!


Maia said...

Look at that precious little one learning to swim. I don't know whether to say oh poor you, or whether a good time was had by all. Trust me I know about bad campgrounds. Keep us posted.

Rising Rainbow said...

Sounds like the kind of camping trip I try to avoid. If it's not going to be relaxing, what's the point.

The morning walk sounded fruitful. LOL