Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Men with Tools

Nieman Marcus- who needs 'em!
Crate and Barrel- bah!

Give me a good hardware store any day of the week. I love barrels of nails and bolts, miles of pine boards and gallons of paint. I like reciprocating saws and hand held nailers. I really love big trucks full of sand, and equipment to move it all around.

I received four loads of sand the other day for our Horseman's Arena. I stood there at the rail, just grinning like a goon! Who knew that sand could make me giddy?

Then the tractor came in and spread it all around. BLISS!

When the Snaffle Bit Futurity comes around, most people leave when the classes are paused and the tractor comes in to fluff the arena. I just sit in my seat and drool over beater bars, automatic watering systems and tine lengths. Ohh be still my heart!

I grin just as hard watching some of my favorite shows on TV too.
Mike Holmes- is he sexy or what? "Fix that! That's not right"" Make it better, make it right!" It's like home improvement porn- I'll tell ya!
Turf Wars and especially Desperate Landscapes- Big men, big tools and landscaping in 8 hours- what on earth could beat that?

Now if I could only get Mike Holmes or one of the other TV shows to makeover my horsemen's arena- I'd be in HOG Heaven!

Extreme Makeover-??? Anyone out there listening?


The Wife said...

LOL! Home improvement porn. You are too funny. I do love me some Mike Holmes though.

Maia said...

Oh my, there's somebody else who thinks Mike Holmes is one hot trot. Isn't he to die for. And then there's that dark haired one, who I haven't seen for awhile. He's pretty amazing too. Geesh we sound like a couple of teens. Well maybe we are.

Maia said...

Oh yes, while we're on the subject of tv shows. I'd throw everything I own in the middle of every room, if I thought the Clean House crew would come and do it over.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

For several years, one of my really good friends bought me power tools for every holiday. It was always so exciting-cordless drills, sawzalls, circular saws, fancy screwdriver kits.

Chris still buys me little odds and ends of neat gadgets and do-dads and I just love them.

I am so excited to get my 'driving lesson' for the backhoe. I'm already planning where I want water lines and electric and this pile of dirt moved and that one leveled. Yea baby!

Robynn's Ravings said...

Holmes on Homes - I LOVE to see him "nail" the bad guys. But I wish I shared your excitement with all things construction. Could you come to my backyard for a week and just thrill yourself to death?! Maybe we could get a twofer on the Extreme Landscaping/Arena package!