Friday, May 21, 2010

Farm Day at the Kindergarten

It used to be that Contra Costa County, where I reside, was considered an 'ag' county. Nestled next to the Great California Central Valley, it once had the largest population of horses per capita. Sadly this is no longer true. CCC has become a 'bedroom community' county, with the population rising by tens of thousands in just a few years. Where once were fertile farms and orchards, are now four bedroom single family homes. Where 4-H once ruled supreme, now the program is in deep trouble, no one willing to save it.

But my friend Chris has a son in kindergarten and his teacher wanted to have a Farm Day. Seems that though the Teeny town where I live is surrounded by open space, hardly anyone keeps livestock any more. So Lil Mama and I put on our old 4-H caps( figuratively), loaded up some goats from my neighbor next door ( they are pygmies and much easier to pet than the giant Ibex my daughter raises!) and went to school.
Chris brought his absolutely wonderful shetland pony Butterscotch, and a borrowed wool lamb, another friend of Lil Mama's brought her black and white potbellied pig-Suzie. A chicken and a rabbit were also in attendance.

Overheard: This is Butterscotch. She is a mare.
5 year old child: Oh I've heard of mare's- like the 'Mare'(mayor) of a town!

After I quit laughing, we asked the kids what animals on a farm were good for.
Some one said sweaters. Someone said pets. They were agog when Lil Mama told them that some people raise animals for food- like bacon and ham!

All and all the kids enjoyed the animals, and TLC enjoyed the kids. So much so that before we were even home, he had crashed out, crushing a chicken nugget in one hand! Too tired to eat!

Go to Mommy in Spurs blog for some photos, I'm sure she will be posting about this fun day too!

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Maia said...

How fun. Sounds like you guys had a great day. We have the suburban gobbling of the countryside, too. You can't know how much I hate, loathe and despise the Mcmansions, that seem to have sprouted up, everywhere. I just keep wondering, where did the 30 somethings get the $800,000 they needed to buy those things? Oh well, what are you going to do.