Sunday, May 16, 2010

Busy as a little bee

I haven't posted for awhile ,my dears! I have just been too busy to type if that is possible. So much happening now that spring is finally here.
I'm giving a bridal shower for my lovely niece in two weeks , so I've been busy cleaning and cleaning and gardening and gardening!
My girlfriend broke her ankle and I'm taking care of her animals in the morning and the evening.
I've been babysitting Jr, although that doesn't seem like a chore- its really much more fun than anything else!
And I've been sending out many resumes- but no one wants an old broad like me it seems!
So no pictures to post, or funny stories to recount, at least this week.
Next week- who knows!
I'll be getting Captain Tripps soon, the 13th to be exact! I'll have lots of pictures and stories then!


Maia said...

Sounds like you're having fun. Now about that "old broad" bit. Betty White is an old broad, you are in the prime of your life. Just wait, something great is just around the corner.

PS: If all else fails, you can always signup with some secretarial temp agency until the good thing comes around. Because if you can blog/write you can type.

Denisarita said...

Can't wait to see the puppy!!!!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Great to hear from ya anyway. You sound a lot like me right now. Very very busy...but enjoying most of it.
I hope you're able to find the job you're hoping for soon.

Take Care,