Sunday, May 2, 2010

Jerry it is!

The answer is ,

Jerry Garcia!

Yep, the leader of the Iconic Band- The Grateful Dead and probably one of the most brilliant musicians ever created.

He's best known for The Grateful Dead Band, but Jerry's heart and soul were actually in Bluegrass.

His other band, Old and In the Way, played some of the best bluegrass sounds you've ever heard. Jerry played mandolin, steel guitar , banjo and guitar. As a matter of fact quite a bit of the steel guitar that was laid down on other albums of the times was actually Jerry sitting in and refusing to take any credit for the music.

My hubby is a Dead Head, he loves complicated music and through him I was introduced to The Dead. I like them too, but though I went to a few concerts ( and they were memorable!) I never considered myself a Deadhead.
And no, I don't smoke weed and sit in the basement- and neither do my other Deadhead friends. We are all productive members of society ( except for me, right now I'm jobless!)

Listening to the Dead is quite often akin to listening to jazz (another thing I like), it is soothing and melodious. Even what they call 'space' music can be soothing if you are in the correct mood for it. And when the Band breaks into "El Paso', or 'Big Iron' you'll never forget it.
Of course some of my favorites are the sea shanties and historic melodies that Jerry loved so well, "Peggy-O" comes to mind.

And of course who doesn't love "Truckin" or "Touch of Grey?"

So this lil' puppy is a tribute to The Greatest Band Leader, ( in our humble opinion) Jerry Garcia.
Long live Jerry!
Long Live Captain Tripps!

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Building Life in AK said...

I LOVE you for posting this blog! My hubby is also a huge Dead Head (yours may always take the cake as the biggest head!) and we love Jerry's old blue grass and Grisman.