Friday, April 30, 2010

Captain Tripps Three weeks old!

Here is the newest picture of Captain Tripps.
Yep, that is going to be his name.

Can anyone guess why?


Here are a few hints ( and Lil Mama, you can't play.)

We are from California.

We grew up during the Summer of Love.

We follow a certain Iconic California Band (that is no longer playing with all of it's members)

It is the nickname of the Bands leader.

My family never lets me name any of our animals so this is my hubby's pick.

Send me your guesses!


AKPonyGirl said...

Isn't Captain Trips what they called the killer flu in Stephen King's "The Stand"?

Beautiful puppy!

Vaquerogirl said...

AKPony girl- Yes! That is true- but do you know why?
Keep guessing!

Maia said...

OK, here's my guess. Could it be from some Jefferson Airplane song? My first guess was from some Greatful Dead song, but I'm not sure they're from California. Oh well, he sure is cute.

PS: I'm not annoyed in the slightest. I wouldn't do it, if I wasn't fully prepared to keep forever. I was just wondering,

Vaquerogirl said...

You are closer than you think!

Maia said...

Was that Jerry Garcia's nickname?

Rising Rainbow said...

Me, not clues, but he sure is cute! I just wanna snuggle with him. LOL

Vaquerogirl said...

Captain Tripps was Jerry Garcia's nickname. Mostly becaus ehe took many substances and had many 'trips'.
Long Live Jerry Garcia!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

So, are you confessing to being a Deadhead? My brother was one of those who gave up his life to follow the band. Now he just sits in his basement apartment all day listening to old tapes and drinking until he passes out.

Maia said...

Hey, you aren't the only one who's husband picks the names. Why do you think I have a cat named Dweezel.

I love the Grateful Dead, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Stephanie said...

I was also left thinking about Stephen Kings' "The Stand" -- but kute puppy!!

Denisarita said...

OMG! He is gorgeous!! I can almost smell the puppy breath.