Sunday, April 25, 2010

If you don't like the weather here, just wait five minutes!

This was my garden on Monday. It hailed for hours! Literally hours! Little hard white pellets that lay on the ground and mocked the coming of spring.
We NEVER get this kind of hail, and we especially never get this kind of hail that doesn't melt immediately.

Just weird!

This is my garden today- just six days later. The temp was about 80 degrees today.


Maia said...

Enough, enough, enough, California. Stop with the precious little guy. We on the east coat get your rotten weather, but never your wonderful stuff. I had to tell my little quarterhorse girl, "when you hear the first clap of thunder, get to the runin. It's going to be bad and I don't want you hurt. Guess what, it is bad. We seem to get all of your bad stuff and none of your good weather. It tends to make you wonder about the Mayan calendar.

I guess that last statement makes me a newage wombat. Oh well.

PS: He sure is a cutie pie. I can only hope my girl, Laura has something as precious this fall.

Anonymous said...

What a difference! Oh, and does your gardener hire out? I'm thinkin' i could use a gardener of his apparent ability. I can appreciate his desire to water the dog. You just cant find good help like that.

Lil Mama said...

that is by far the cutest gardner I have ever seen.

GunDiva said...

We just got rain/snow mix. It's supposed to be warm again tomorrow (60s).

Window On The Prairie said...

Oh, I hate hail.

Maia said...

That little guy is so cute, it makes me think maybe I was wrong buying pink, toddler cowboy boots. They are leather and they have fringe. Is it wrong for me to want a little girl who loves horses as much as I do? Her mother could care less. Oh well if she has a little cowboy as precious as yours, well I could start working him into it. Stranger things have happened. You never know. I'll be there on the big day, maybe I could imprint him.

Vaquerogirl said...

Maia- no matter what your grandbaby will be spectacular! Promise! Boots come in all colors! My Lil Cowboy will probably grow up to ride iron horses (shudder!)
SMR- I have no authority to hire him out- however maybe I can persuade his mama to make a short visit to your farm someday!That dog needed watering BTW- she's on fire all the time!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Strange weather we've been having. We had your hail, too. And yesterday it 80 degrees.Today it is gusting 50 mph and we are expecting snow showers by the end of the week.