Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hang Tough Arizona!

All I have to say is I hope that Hair gell doesn't come from Arizona, because if it does all the a@@h**% politicians in San Francisco will be in big trouble!

Imagine making something that is already illegal -well... illegal!

The soft hearted little rich boys that live in the middle of the Big City ( and other safe places) are " outraged" that the people in Arizona are standing up to defend their lives and property! I can't even imagine living in fear of leaving your own home for fear that some coyote or transient or outlaw will take over your property and stuff while you are out.

I say Hang Tough Arizona! Your Sheriff in Maricopa County is a hero to many. Your Governor is on her way to being on that short list too.

Screw SF. If you have ever been there, you know it is a beautiful City and totally out of control.

I will now go out of my way to support Arizona businesses!


C-ingspots said...

Unfortunately I have no idea about the obvious problem you're talking about here. Whatever is going on in Arizona sounds like a bad deal, but I do understand how big cities and their large populations seem to be in control of other areas in states where the rest of the people live. Like here in Oregon...there is so much of our state's population in Portland that they are controlling our rural lives by their voting power. They have no idea what they're talking about because life in Portland is totally different in the rest of the mostly rural state. My husband calls them all "kool-aid drinkers"...not sure where he got that, but it cracks me up. I think this problem is happening all over our country, and in many ways within our federal government as well. That's how they get more and more control over people's lives. Scary stuff.

Breathe said...

Luckily your daughters won't be stopped and asked for their birth certificates in Arizona. My 6th generation America born daughters, who look like they could be from across the border, will be targets.

It wasn't that long ago when mexican americans had to use the bathrooms in the basement of courthouses in Texas. I suppose that will be next on the agenda in Arizona.

This law was written with the help of the pioneer fund, which supports eugenics.

Something to think about.

Denisarita said...

Amen Sister!!!

Stephanie said...

AGREED - well said.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I'm not sure what this post is about....I'm way behind on catching up on the news, but we do have friends in Benson, AZ, and on several occasions they have come home to their ranch to find that someone has walked in to their house, slept on their sofa and raided their fridge. They don't keep any cash in their home and their valuables are kept in a safe, but oddly enough even when they've left money out, none of it has been stolen. And their clothes, computers, videos, TV, truck, car, camper,etc ave never been stolen.
They've also been home when Mexican illegals have shown up asking for help, and they've fed them, gave them water and sent them on their way (wherever that was).
They say they don't worry about the political situation, but just want to help people who are desperate to escape a horrible life and start a better one.

I wonder how most Arizona folks feel about illegal aliens, especially coming onto their property asking for help?


Maia said...

It occurs to me that the lawmakers in SF are maybe just a tadly bit overreacting. Since they don't have to deal with the issue, maybe they should but their noses out. But wait, it's election year, and can you think of a better way to get into the national limelight than to do some big old jump up and down dance. I'm sorry SF, but this is the first I've heard of your idiotic boycott. I guess you better start jumping a little higher, yelling a little louder and dancing a little faster, if you want the rest of the nation to look. But then again, what would we see if we did.

Suffice it to say, We're still going to Arizona in June for our vacation.

sandy green said...

You are so right.
We have no idea what they will do next.

Train Wreck said...

AMEN! I just can't imagine what people are thinking? Illegal is illegal! Just go through the process to become a leagal citizen? Whay is that so out of the question? I just don't understand. My granfather came from Mexico. He became a citizen and worked for everything he had. It isn't profiling if you are illegal. It isn't discrimination if you are not a US citizen living illegally in the US? We just had a rancer shot and killed on his own ranch? How is that ok. Who is standing up for him and his family? Thank you my friend. I am proud of our Govenor.

The Wife said...

I have to agree with Train Wreck. They are illegal so therefore they don't have the same rights as legal citizens. They are breaking the law so there are consequences.

Maia said...

Here I am after a great dinner out, and two glasses of wine hoping I make sence. I have a hard time understanding you guys out west's attitude. The Mexicans who are here, work hard and try hard, But I also know you are cluesless about what's going on here. You can't imagine an 11 year old mother who was raped by her mother's boyfried, who is forced by Medicaid to have a vaginal delivery, which let me tell you generally goes south. You don't know what it's like to have to pay and pay and pay for nineteen year olds to have their fourth OW baby, which because of their prenatal diet of twinkies, coke,drugs and alcohol, has less than a fighting chance in life. We don't have 1 or 2 of them, we have them in the thousands. So, I'm willing to say I don't understand what Arizona is going through, but I'm willing to support their dealing with it.

I'd be willing to bet you'd say I was a racist, because you have never had to have your favorite nightclub closed down because of a gun murder. You have never had to lsiten to the nurses talk about how they can't go out because of the gun violence. And the crips and bloods don't live in your towns.

If Arizona is dealing with this sort of thing and they are taking dragonian measures to deal with it, anybody who lives in a big east coast city would say more power to you.

Maia said...

Here's two glasses of wine talking. Hello, let's not forget, "Irish need not apply."

GunDiva said...

Long live Sheriff Joe! More sheriffs like him and we'd have fewer criminals. I know he's become a media whore, but I still love him.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

It doesn't sound like there are too many Californians who actually support that boycott.

Plus I had to laugh at all of the studies and paperwork California will have to go through(and pay for) to decide which Arizona companies to boycott or not.

Absolutely laughable.

Rising Rainbow said...

I don't know enough about this to have an opinion. Have heard lots of things but don't know what is true and what isn't.

I understand all the flap about illegals, that's for sure and don't like that they seem to have more rights than actual citizens. But what answer will work, I don't really know.