Thursday, March 25, 2010

We have arrived!

We are here at Rancho Murietta for a HUGE open and AQHA horse show. Lil Mama and the Big Red Planet - Bob, Deneserita, Unpaid ranch slave and The Giant Jack Ass, Me and Bay Desperado AKA Desi, Our friends KBG and LM and Devoon with her entourage of Mom and Baby. Boy Howdy! It is a traveling Road show fer sure!

Lil Mama and I have never been to this show, so for us it is all new and WAY different. Things with the horses are the same of course, but the show grounds are huge and way spread out. She isn't even sure which of the 12 rings she is suppose to show in tomorrow.
For me- my trail ring is right across the road from the barn we are in- BONUS!
Of course everything is scary to Desi- he did his best imitation of Trigger today, rearing and pawing the air- shaking his head and balking, bucking and what -not. I got him lined out pretty quick, but I know we will have to do it all again tomorrow.

We have a 5AM wake up call. I have to be on course tomorrow at 8PM and it is a half hour drive to the show grounds from our hotel. Then there is thirty minutes of lunging and then a thirty minute gallop before Desi will MAYBE start to focus.
My goal for tomorrow is- not to get thrown into the back bleachers, and to get Desi around the pen in a focus and controlled manner without him rearing and bucking. Whew! Sounds easy, but I think it ain't.
Lil Mama's goal is loftier- she wants to place in the top five in her class. I say- Go Get EM!
See ya tomorrow!

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Maia said...

Keeping fingers, toes and eyes crossed for you and lil mama. You guys are going to be great, I just know it. I can hardly wait to hear all the details. Keep us posted.