Friday, March 26, 2010

We had a GREAT day!

First and foremost- Happy Birthday to Deneserita- UnPaid Ranch Slave. Your birthday party was fantastic!
We woke up super early and headed out to the show grounds. It was a balmy 37 degrees this morning and it had sprinkled a little, so can you say 'chilly'!
The boys were full of spit and wind. Desi did a full on Peppy LePew skunk trot for about fifteen minutes, tail flagged, pogo for legs. Then he bucked and snorted and hopped like a little june bug. Finally he'd had enough so he got tied in his stall for an hour while KBG and I walked our trail course.
Meanwhile, Lil Mama and BOB , and Deniserita UPRS and her GJA got dressed and ready for their class. Since Denisarita had the number 1, her classes were pretty early. Her big red boy did a real fine job considering this is the first time he had been anywhere, and the first time Denesirita had shown English- EVER. He will do even better tomorrow. Too bad the judge didn't award for most improved!

Lil Mama and Bob did a good job
too, placing third and fifth in her classes. Bob looked good and behaved himself.
KBG and I ride in the same trail class. I went first, and Desi was very good, staying focused and keeping a good cadence. I thought he DQ'd the first obstacle, but luckily he just hit the pole with his foot, he didn't actually step over it. We placed a solid 6th of nine.
KBG and Shirl the Wonder pony won the class!
Since we were all finished showing our classes by ten thirty we went and got a sandwich and then went shopping. There are plenty of great vendors here.
Gin bought a cute purple hat, I bought a much needed lead rope and KBG bought some clipper cool! woo hoo! We do live high!
Since it was Denesiritas birthday we all met up at her trailer and had a sumptous feast of lobster tails and steaks, provided by the very best show Dad in the world, and Denesirita's Stud Spud- Big K.
We drank a lot of wine, and ate a lot of food!
Now it is late and I have to crawl into bed so I can do it all again tomorrow.
Nity night!


Mikey said...

Awesome!! A good show is the best! I'm so happy for you guys, and everyone looks super happy!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Sounded like a good day!

Congrats on the placings and hopefully you have an even better second day.

Maia said...

WHOO WHOO girls, Great job. It looks like a super time was had by all. I'm expecting great things in the future.

Rising Rainbow said...

Wait, wait, did I hear lobster and steaks were horse show faire. Now how can that be?? I sure haven't eaten anything that GOOD at a horse show. I think I want to show with you guys!