Monday, January 11, 2010

It's always something...

The work is going fairly well- and I've only pissed off a few people so far!
You see, I don't want the barn horses to be turned out in the pasture. The pasture is 80 acres, of which 60 are usable. The grass is growing slowly and there are 15 horses on the land right now. My thought is that if you are paying for a stall you get two flakes of your choice of hay twice a day. You don't need to turn your horses out on the grass to eat the grass the pasture horses are paying for. To me that is like eating your breakfast at home, then going to Safeway and grazing in the aisles, not paying for the food you stole, and then going home to eat your dinner.
And when the grass is done- who is going to be paying to feed those hungry horses because their horses ate all the grass? Not them- ME!

The ones that are doing it really don't see it that way at all!
They think that because there is a big pasture they should be allowed to let their horses graze after the 'dinner' hour.
I say neigh neigh!
But I want the turn out- they say.
I say- Can you teach your horse not to eat the grass?
That's ridiculous -they say.
I say- you can pay for extra food, like a lot of the other owners are doing.
That's ridiculous -they say.
I'm the Queen and what I say goes- I say.
That's .... hmmph (stalking off)!


Lil Mama said...

The Hunter says charge a grazing fee.

Vaquerogirl said...

The Hunter thinks like I do!

The Wife said...

Yep, they should pay. And if you've only pissed a few off, you're doing GREAT!