Monday, January 18, 2010

Liquid sunshine my left foot!

When it rains in California every other person you run into asks, "Are enjoying the liquid sunshine?"

I'm such a spoilsport-my answer is always NO.

I forgot to bring extra clothes to the new job- and it began to really pour down about 7 AM. I was wet from my belt loops to my toe ring all day long.

Eagles Nest Ranch sits on the top of a hill, but who ever built the barn and arena should have switched them around. The arena is higher than the barn, and when it rains- like it did today- the water and sand from the arena runs down the hill and into the barn, then through the pastures and down to the road.

Can we all say 'Sandbags'?
Thank gawd fer 'em!

I have them lined up all around the edge of the road, and luckily I did it last week when it wasn't raining. So instead of all that water and sand running through the barn, it went around the barn. Whew!

The gutters however are another matter. I cleaned one set on the pole barn yesterday, but I didn't even realize the main barn had them( on one side only!-WTF!) Needless to say- they was clogged. ( Guess what I'll be doing next week!)

So tomorrow it is suppose to only rain hard, not storm. ( In California there is a difference.)

At least Duck-Duck was a happy girl!

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