Friday, January 8, 2010

Good news- Bad news

This has been an eventful week fer' sure!
Not only was I in the ER once- but I was in TWICE! Yep, same problem.
(Second verse - same as the first!)
:) Good news: Shavings came in on Monday
:( Bad news ~ They didn't all fit in the bin.
:) Good news: Tractor worked to push most of them in to the shavings bin.
:( Bad news ~Tractors tranny smells like it's burning fish
:) Good news: Weather was sunny for the three days I was sick
:( Bad news~ Weather isn't so sunny anymore
:) Good News: I found three old tarps
:( Bad news ~ They have holes in them
:) Good News: I could overlap them so the holes weren't too bad.

Yea! I came out on the UP side this time!


Breathe said...

When you end up on an up note, it really improves your sleep, doesn't it?!

Mrs Mom said...

Now QUIT w/ the ER trips and you'll REALLY be on a roll!

Seriously though- praying that you are all sorted out now, and stone free for the rest of your days. That stuff sucks moose knuckles.

Heres hoping things KEEP on the up swing for you!

Lil Mama said...

Well at least your trying to find the good side. Also the people at the ranch seem to like you.

The Wife said...

Keep that glass half full!

Stephanie said...

Hope you are feeling better!