Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's always something!

So no dead calves yesterday or today! Whew! All horses present and accounted for! Check!
Cats- Dogs good! So far -so good!
But first thing this morning the Stalking Siamese ran up the stairs, fur all puffed out with someTHING screaming and squeeking in its jaws. She bolted past me into the dining room with the thing and disappeared! Shoot! I chased her into the room and there she sat, calm as mud- no 'thing' in her mouth. I looked high and low, but nothing. Okay, I thought, I guess it was one of her loud squeeking toys. Ho hum...
Uh Oh... I see Stalking Kitty under the corner china hutch. On hands and knees I get down to look.
Nuthin'. Hmm.
Kitty is telling me loudly in her very Siamese voice- SUMTHIN'.
I pull china hutch away from the wall, and in the corner, mashed as flat as it can get- HUGE rodent! Might be a gopher- might be a mouse... I just can't tell- but it's shreiking loudly! Stalking Kitty goes nuts, pounces on the rodent and starts chasing it around the room! YIKES! I'm not afraid of rodents, but I sure as shootin' don't want it running up my bare leg and into my bloomers! I jump for a chair! Kitty corners rodent and I run for the other room. Is it gone yet? I hope so. I'll have to go check in a few minutes... with my boots on and a broom this time.
Never a dull moment!


Lil Mama said...

I don't think your ever coming home.

My pass word to post for this was fockings.

C-ingspots said...

Love it!! So glad to hear this kind of thing happens to other people too - makes me feel sooo much better!!
Your little mini vacation sounds just about perfect to me - if you're getting lonesome, I could possibly come on over for a spell...

Stephanie said...

Yup - I know that "Siamese voice" I grew up with 3 of them.

They are great hunters - and like to talk alot too. Funny things, they'd even follow me on my trail rides? Never could figure that out. But they love taggin along with me.