Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Who knew??

The calf debacle took three of us to resolve yesterday. I called Justrides neighbors and one of them came out with a truck. We had to attatch the bucket to the John Deere, so another neighbor came over and did that for me, then he agreed to drive it down to the pond so we could tarp the calf and roll it into the bucket. The mama cows were very much distressed as we all worked, and the bull was giving us the ol stink eye- but we were careful to stay on the other side of the tractor from him. Lucy- the prettiest cow in the herd -decided to distract him, and boys being boys- well let's just say it helped! He didn't look at us at all while Lucy was being so seductive!

After the calf was gone, I pulled Desi out of the stall to tack him up. The smell of death still lingered a bit and he was snortin' and jumpin'. I thought "Swell!" but once I lunged him a bit, I was able to ride him around the beautiful arean with no problems! I mean it! No fighting, rearing braciness or head shaking. Just a focused pretty little trail horse show pony! Go figgure! Who knew? I started to kinda like him again! And he is cute... so I guess I'll have to keep him and just keep working on all the other BAD stuff at my new barn home. sigh**

It's a beautiful day here in the Marysville Outback, after I work on my book a bit I think I'll ride again!

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Stephanie said...

Aren't they funny that way - rotten one day and angels the next?

My old gelding was like that - just when I thought I'd had enough and was gonna send him down the road he'd give a good ride and I'd keep trying with him.